Finding HERSELF !!!
February 16, 2017
Men Are Not The Enemy
February 17, 2017

Typical Indian Society…

Is it so important for a girl to get married, having a partner, having children???

Why she can’t spend her life alone on her own money with her own expenses on her own happiness for whole life, go anywhere without any tension that someone is waiting at home, without any time limits,  without any fear, without any tantrums of in-laws, relatives, and society.

Is it really difficult to live without a man???

Many people say girls are hardworking, honest, homemaker knows how to take care of her family, there is a woman behind a successful man,

if she can do all these things why can she be silly sometimes, weird, crazy, stupid and do anything she wants to do.

Why people only advice girls:

Be a good daughter, Be a good wife, Don’t forget your limits, Remember the prestige of your clan, Don’t adopt the bad habits, Come home on time, Choose a career in which you can give time to your family, Don’t go here and there, and don’t argue with boys and blab blah.

Are the same people set same rules for boys???

Any age limit for them to marry, any time limit to come home, any job restriction??

All these examples show the mirror to our society who always talk about so-called equality irrespective of they give a doll to the baby girl in their home and superman to the boy – the Heir of their family!!

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