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February 22, 2017
Goodness Comes Back!!!
April 3, 2017

Life is like a Train-Journey

Some journeys are so special. The journey which gave me few but amazing unsaid moments, I was searching for the last few days. The journey of train- happy faces, aspiring minds, confusing tracks but I was enjoying the silence, my soul was dancing on the rhythm of my heartbeat.

That journey taught me two lessons.

My first experience– I was on my seat number 64, traveling alone, observing others, there were some infants, some children were playing while some were continuously asking strange questions to their parents, some sophisticated uncles were discussing politics, some were sleeping, some were eating….. There were many people in the compartment doing the variety of stuff, but the quality part of this experience was that no one was disturbing others or may be no one was getting altered by others activity.

It taught me a very important lesson of life i.e Listen everyone but follow the voice of your heart. In home, families, society, interference is too much. It is good to think about others but it is very significant to steal some moments from our busy schedule to enjoy our own company. Don’t get too much affected by others and try to enjoy the music we have within us. Seriously it is not less than a meditation.

My second experience– Train was running in the direction of its destination without deviating from its path, stations were coming like stages in our life.  It got slower sometimes and sometimes moving very faster; In this context also it is very similar to human life as when we have resources, clear goal in mind and support,  we move very confidently but sometimes due to mental or physical illness, lack of resources and selection of wrong track we get slower.

This taught me another very important rule of life.

                                                          Life is a continuous journey,

                                                          The journey of ups and downs,

                                                          The journey of happiness and sorrows.

It’s the choice of a person to crawl, walk or run but if one wants to achieve his goals, one has to move in the direction of the destination. And by achieving a goal ready for the next, don’t get stop as someone rightly said success is a journey, not a destination.

So Be happy and keep going.



  1. Avatar Bablofil says:

    Thanks, great article.

  2. Avatar gaurav awasthi says:

    Great thoughts😊

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