Life is like a Train-Journey
March 6, 2017
April 5, 2017

Goodness Comes Back!!!

“Goodness comes back”, “our karma decides our future”, is it really true in the context of today’s scenario ???  “kalyug”.

I am not saying that everything is going bad but sometimes life just put you in the situation you even can’t dreamt of because you didn’t sow the seeds of the crop you are  harvesting.

Suppose you are doing good in life, talking sweetly to others, giving respect to elders and love to children, helping the needy, treating friends in the best way you can and suddenly you hear a word “you jerk or u bitch ”, Yes exactly the same words, it is unexpected because there is no mistake of yours, you did nothing wrong… how would feel???

Yes this happened with a girl named Kashish. Can you even guess  what was her reaction, she was speechless, a tear rolls over her cheek and gone absorbs around her neck, she filled with anger and at the same time got emotional, she was thinking again and again that what was her fault?? “the love she gave or the things which she do to show the reality of others for the betterment of their life”.

I think the reason is her over smartness because in todays world even a suggestion is taken as interference.

Sometimes it is very difficult to understand why and what leads to the situation, but the way kashish handled the situation was remarkable, her sanskars, spirituality, positivity, helped her. She just washed her face and sat in static position for half an hour.

Her dialogues to herself- “Calm down baby, just calm down, you are a very strong girl, you are doing great and people loves you. Forget the world for a moment, just focus on your soul, feel your heart beat, try to rejuvenate the good memoirs of the past. Sometimes such stupid things make you strong, caters power to handle other big issues of life, keep continue your work, keep smiling and spread colors of life.”

Seriously, how cool she is!!! She consoles herself beautifully. Key point is, it is very necessary to feel yourself, to spend some time alone because your soul, your heart will never cheat you, will never make your fun in front of others, and your guided you in a best way as NOBODY KNOWS YOU BETTER THAN YOURSELF.


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