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May 2, 2017
e-sight eyeware
e-Sight Eyeware
May 23, 2017

Language Or Class

English is not just a Language it’s a Class in our country, it’s a symbol of manners, status and society you belongs from. If you can’t speak English well some so-called sophisticated persons avoid communication with you.

Today almost every parent teaches their child to speak in English and it’s not their fault, the demand of our country is this.

Visitors or tourists come to our country and speak anything they want without perfect grammar, they are good but if a single mistake is done by Indian in his sentence then the person has no sense of talking. We have to change our mentality and youth can play a vital role in it.

Our national language is Hindi and no one wants to talk in that because it might degrade the education level of the speaker, he might be interpreted as rustic. Even the advertisement of companies jobs are like this – “male/female with excellent communication skills or fluently speaks English”.

I can’t understand where the problem is, is there any compulsion to make Hindi as a national language??

If no one is giving respect to our national language so change it to English. If our Youth remain with this Thought one day English replace Hindi as national Language.

I don’t know whats the politics behind it but why our country is playing with dual faces or the problem might be in our attitude that we are not accepting it as our national language.

We are so impressed with the English that we don’t even want to speak in Hindi and If we don’t change our mentality soon then the day is not far when the first word from child will be mother instead of maa . We except Hindi as our national language only on 14 September –  Hindi divas .

It’s good to change with time but it’s a request to the readers that please don’t judge others on the basis of their language.

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