Once Is Enough
Once Is Enough
July 25, 2017
July 31, 2017

Eat For Stomach Not For Tongue


What is hunger? What fills the stomach? Does it really food or the satisfaction is also required?

Yes, it is true that food is required for survival but is it only the food or something beyond that, is also required. According to me, Satisfaction is more important because hunger doesn’t stop if you don’t satisfied.

Suppose one is earning with the goal of Rs 10k and when he gets that money and utilize it, it gives him happiness. So ultimately to get more happiness his hunger increases and works double the last times and earn 20k then he approaches for 30k and in this manner. His hunger keeps on increasing and changes into greediness and he will do anything to achieve that if he will not satisfied.

Hunger is good but up to the limit, up to the moment it satisfies your needs but when it increases to get more and more luxurious life and want to get best to just show off then it will ultimately harm you.  So just “Eat For The Stomach Not For The Tongue”. And if you have more than the enough share with the needy ones and tries to fill their stomach. It will surely get happiness and blessings too.

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